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The Essential Report is run by Essential Research, part of Essential Media Communications. It is one of Australia’s leading social and political polls and tracks attitudes on everything from the economy, equality and the environment. The Essential poll gets to the heart of the issues Australians care about.

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Latest Essential Report

07 May 2024

Key Insights

  • 36% of people feel unsafe online

  • 80% support making it illegal to post sexualised ‘deep fake’ images

  • 79% support enforcing age verifications for pornography and gambling sites

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Client Projects

These are some examples of client projects that Essential Research have delivered recently. These projects are large scale, public facing and cover a range of issues including energy, affordable housing, childcare and more. If you are interested in conducting a similar research project, please contact us using the button below.

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Australian Housing Monitor

Australian Housing Monitor

The Australian Housing Monitor is a large, nationally-representative survey covering public experiences and attitudes toward housing related issues. Read more

Energy Consumer Sentiment & Behaviour Surveys

Energy Consumer Sentiment & Behaviour Surveys

The most comprehensive ongoing research ​studies of the attitudes and activity of residential and small business energy consumers in Australia.  Read more

Queensland Household Energy Survey

Queensland Household Energy Survey

Queensland’s most comprehensive survey capturing household insights and trends in energy behaviors and attitudes. Read more

Early Learning Monitor 2022

The Early Learning Monitor

This research aims to understand how everyday Australians and parents think the early learning system currently works, how it impacts children into adulthood and how important this issue is to their vote. Read more

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